Evidence-based and Outcome Focused Continuing Education for Rehab Professionals


Our purpose is to give rehab-professionals practical, evidence-based continuing education they can use the very next day in the clinic. Our highly specialized workshop programming is designed to address movement and movement disorders, so rehab professionals can be more consistent in their treatment –and more effective in the outcomes they create.


The Fundamentals of Kinesiology Taping

Date: June 11, 2016
Location: Long Island, NY
Price: $249.99

The Fundamentals of Kinesiology Taping

Date: June 12, 2016
Location: New York, NY
Price: $249.99

Management of Lumbosacral Disorders

Date: July 16, 2016
Location: New York, NY
Price: $299.99


Well organized, adequate time to practice and follow the demo, lots of lab time, open to questions.  This was the most useful course I have taken.  Thank you!

– Kellie / Lansing, MI

The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered questions thoroughly.  I feel like I can go back to work and apply these techniques right away!

– Brandi / Saginaw, MI

The instructor was interactive and funny, which made the course enjoyable. Excellent teaching ability. The most beneficial part of the course was that I can apply immediately to practice.

– Lacie / Hartford, CT

Bill was extremely thorough! I learned more in the first hour than I did in other all day seminars.

– Jennifer / Hartford, CT

Very Intriguing, easy to listen to, knowledgeable.

– Lyndsey, Lansing, MI

Instructor, Bill, was nice, funny and assisted with content outside the outline.  I loved the hands on!

– Amanda, Chicago, IL

He was entertaining and had an awesome beard.

– Allie, Memphis, TN

Great pace, easy to follow, and fun

– Kayla. Lexington, KY

Very friendly, easy to listen to with a good sense of humor.

– Lauren, Lexington, KY

He was very approachable, funny, and made the course interesting.

– Kendall, Lexington, KY

Awesome! Cant wait to use these new techniques.

– Becca, Providence, RI

Very approachable and clearly knowledgeable. The most beneficial part of the program was the hands on lab practice.

– Laura, New Haven, CT

Never got bored, kept interest up, excellent, knowledgeable instructor. For a one day course it covered many useful applications.

– Donna, West Palm Beach, Fl